Tuesday Workshops

Our ongoing weekly workshops are open to all adults 18 and over. We share skills, try out new ideas, and most of all have fun! All are welcome to come along and join – new members of all abilities from beginners to drama students to professionals.  They are usually self-contained in theme, so you don’t need to wait until the end of a series to join.  Also they continue alongside performance rehearsals, which occur on a different night.  Each workshop has a different theme, and are usually led by experienced workshop leaders or interested members of the group. Occasionally, we have visiting workshop leaders to bring in different skills.  Any member of Network is also welcome to lead workshops, following discussion of their plans with the workshop co-ordinators.

Where and when

Workshops take place every Tuesday on Zoom (hopefully back in person soon!) There’s no pre-booking required for them, each one is separate so you can pick and choose which ones you would like to attend, and while they remain online they are free. They are also geared to every level of experience, from newcomer to old pros.

They are on every Tuesday evening starting at 7:30pm, Zoom address 980 583 4626, and the room is open generally from around 7:15 on the night. If you have any problems logging in, let us know via email or on our Facebook page.

Workshop Blog

Click here to read our new Workshop Blogs.  Every week, we have something different to share with our growing and enthusiastic actors. From improvisation to comedy and workshops for actors who wish to develop and hone their stage skills.

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