Welcome to the new website!

After many hard hours slaving in a grease pit, the new Liverpool Network Theatre Group website is live! We hope you all find what you’re looking for very easily, with the information and navigation clear and concise, not to mention a multitude of excellent media ready for your perusal.

Along the menu above, you can access to main areas of the website, some of them linking to sub areas such as Productions, which gives you links to a page devoted to each production, listing information about the play, cast and crew and image galleries.

To spread the word of LNTG, each page has social sharing buttons, allowing you to post links to those pages straight into your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Some pages allow you to post comments. This can be done either with a Twitter or Facebook account, or simply by giving your name and email address.

To the right of most pages you will see quicklinks that give you easy access to past news articles, recent comments that people have made, categorised shortcuts and random pictures from our vast image library.

LNTG has been around for decades and there is a plethora of history to add to this website. So far, we have listed many of our productions, with a lot of them (mainly more recent productions) having galleries of images attached to them. If you have any pictures or information on past productions that aren’t listed, please contact us here.

Your feedback is extremely important, if you have any comments or ideas about our website, please don’t hesitate to tell us here.


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