Second audition session for “I Have Been Here Before” – Monday 20th Feb

Hi everyone,

We are holding another audition session for LNTG’s next Production: J.B. Priestley’s “I Have Been Here Before”, Directed by Sonia Chapman, and Produced by Andy Kerr.

Venue: Ma Boyle’s Alehouse & Eatery
Tower Building, The Strand, L3 1BH Liverpool

Time: 7-9pm

Auditions are open and require no prior preparation.

We have the following parts still to cast:

Sam Shipley:
Innkeeper and Father of Sally Pratt. Stout, warm, humorous, contented Yorkshireman in his 60s. His accent is broader than his daughter’s but not too broad.
Actor age can be flexible, so long as he can feasibly be Sally’s father. An age range of 40-70 yrs would work.

Oliver Farrant:
28-30yrs old, good looking and charming, with something of the boy left in him and something of the intellectual man. He has a decisive, slightly donnish manner, although not so much with people for whom he is on pleasant and easy terms (e.g. Sally & Sam). Schoolmaster of Lamberton School, but is currently off work, having been “ordered a short rest” (it is not entirely clear why he is off work). Farrant is staying at the Inn and feels at home there.
Actor age needs to be within 28-35yrs so that he is younger than Walter Ormund, and same age or slightly older than Janet Ormund.

Janet Ormund:
Attractive, sensitive woman about 28 yrs old, Wife of Walter Ormund. She is troubled as soon as she arrives at the Inn. There are also issues within her marriage which remain a mystery, but are clearly a source of stress for both Janet and Walter.
Actress age needs to be mid-20s to early 30s.

Walter Ormund:
Biggish man in his early 40s, whose manner alternates between alert, sharp command, on the one hand, and a gloomy brooding, on the other. There are problems in his marriage with Janet. He is a workaholic and drinks a lot.
Actor age to be in 40s.

About the Play:

‘I Have Been Here Before’ is a play in three acts, set in the sitting room of the Black Bull Inn, Grindle Moor, North Yorkshire at Whitsuntide in 1937. There are 6 characters, the Innkeeper: Sam Shipley, his daughter: Sally Pratt, a German Professor in Exile: Dr Görtler, a local school headmaster: Oliver Farrant, and a married couple: Janet & Walter Ormund. Aside from Sam and Sally, all the other characters are guests at the Inn.
The play is an existential brooding drama, centred around a theory that we repeat our lives constantly in a sort of spiral. We make the same decisions again and again, and can break out of the cycle once we realise and understand the forces that govern us.
Dr Görtler has come to the Black Bull in to intervene in what he knows will be a love affair leading to suicide and poverty.

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