Liverpool Network Theatre Group currently put on three or four theatre productions a year, along with smaller events such as revue or charity nights.

As You Like It (2019, William Shakespeare)
Director: Frank Kennedy
Assistant Director: Mike Medlicott
Production Manager: James Gray
Stage Manager: Liana Jane Bourne
Ian Gray, Michael Fry, Beth Easton, Madeline Cole, TJ Hilton, Olee Bass, Yahya Baggash, Mike Medlicott, Sanel Susak, Terence Conchie, Kate Dobrovodska, Rory McEgan, Eddie O’Hare, Matty Loyden, Anne Rock, Oli Barden, Donna M Day, Zebulnisa Durrani, Shaun Hughes, Karolina Gorska, Eleonor Parry, Jessica Ashcroft, Kate Dobrovodska

Short but Sweet (2019)
Directors: Julie Hills, Beth Easton, Daryl Rowlands, Jen Davis, Frank Kennedy
Production Managers: Bob Towers
Writers: Ian Gray, Tim Hemmings
Starring: Ged Sinnott, Luke Morgan, Eddie O’Hare, Julie Hills, PJ Murray, Alan Kenny, TJ Hilton, Beth Easton, Olee Bass, Sanel Susak, Mike Medlicott, Jessica Ashcroft, Donna M Day, Eleanor Parry, Oli Barden

A Doll’s House (2019, Ibsen)
Director: Donna M Day
Production Manager: Saoirse Crean
Stage Manager: Liana Jane Bourne
Starring: Jessica Martin, Greg Vicary, Alexander Davies, Faye Christiansen, Oli Barden, Sarah Jones, Julie Hills, Jake Angerer 





Julius Caesar (2018, William Shakespeare)
Director: Sean Gaffney
Assistant Director: Rob Steele
Saoirse Crean, Donna M Day, Frank Kennedy, Faye Christiansen, Maggie Green, Shaun Hughes, Rory McEgan, TJ Hilton, Katarina Dorovodska, Greg Vicary, Eve Smith, Oliver Barden, Madhu Nair, James Leyland, Cameron Bickley, Rob Keyes, Alex Webber-Date, Charlotte Holguin, Sarah Jones, Michael Medlicott, Gillian Paterson-Fox

  No Exit [Huis Clos] (2018, Jean-Paul Sartre)
Director: Andy Kerr
Starring: Saoirse Crean, William O’Neill, Eve Smith, Becky Downing
 wlbc-poster-facebook White Liars/Black Comedy double bill (2017, Peter Shaffer)
Directors: Andy Kerr/William O’Neill
Producer: Sandra Tschackert
Starring: Eve Smith, Isham R Redford, Adam Stubbs, Daniel Short, Stephanie Barr, Lauren Steele, Joey Jennings, Nigel Goodwin, Tahreen Kutub, Frank Kennedy
 IMG_2199 Humble Boy (2016, Charlotte Jones)
Director: Lauren Steele
Producer: James Gray
Starring: Toby Everett, Susan Reeve, Bob Steele, Tahreen Kutub, Eve Smith, Conor Burns
 movposter The Merchant of Venice (2016, William Shakespeare)
Director: Lauren Steele
Producer: Bob Steele
Starring: Andy Kerr, Toby Everett, Sandra Tschackert, Faye Caddick, Amy King, Angela Millett, Martin Dimitrov, Frank Kennedy, Leah Wallace, Peter Harris, Susan Reeve, PJ Murray, Ellie Groves, Rory McEgan
 12752043_1660893307495704_15526880_o The Picture of Dorian Gray (2016, Oscar Wilde, adapted by Neil Bartlett)
Director: Elaine Stewart
Producer: Uma Ramanathan
Starring: Rory Kelly, Isham R Redford, Stephen Parke, Lydia Jones, George Jones, Susan Reeve, Peter Harris, Vicky Lodge, Toby Hall, Amanda Lancaster, Sandra Tschackert, Rosalie Mieville
 AP poster The Accrington Pals (2015, Peter Whelan)
Director: Andy Kerr
Producer: Sonia Chapman, Mike Sanders
Starring: Lauren Steele, Alan Molyneux, Faye Caddick, Samantha Walton, Amy King, Faye Christiansen, Sean Gaffney, Peter Harris, Lee Burnitt, John Reynolds
 11692496_1594719147446454_3897213449294329278_n (1) Easy Virtue (2015, Noel Coward)
Director: Lauren Steele/Katherine Wright
Producer: Mike Sanders
Starring: Faye Caddick, Julie Hills, Frank Kennedy, Amy King, James Lydon, Alan Molyneux, Isham R Redford, Lucy Rimmer-Hall, Alicia Rose, Brian Shortall, Sandra Tschackert, Toby Hall
 dracula Dracula (2015, Bram Stoker/adapted by Faye Christiansen)
Director: Elaine Stewart
Producer: Sonia Chapman
Starring: James Dorman, Andy Kerr, William O’Neill, Andrew Fraser, David Ward, Iain Barr, Charlotte Cumming, Lydia Parsons, Nicholas Fawdry, Amy King, Paul Dahill, Paul Tallant, Angela Millett, Charlotte Davies, Nadia Aranda Doherty, Amy Louise Crothers
 crucible The Crucible (2014, Arthur Miller)
Director: Sean Gaffney
Producer: Sonia Chapman
Romeo & Juliet (2013, William Shakespeare)
Director: Andy Kerr/Lauren Steele
Producer: Scott Lucas
Starring: Frank Kennedy, Helen McGill, Eve Smith, Sean Jhooty, Geraldine Moloney-Judge, Dave Clayton, James Gray, Stewart McDonald, Matt Davies, Sean Gaffney, Joseph Matthew Morris, Holly Milne, Adam Vinten, Charlotte Davies, Mike Medlicott.
Uncle Vanya (2013, Anton Chekhov)
Director: Andy Kerr
Producer: Sonia Chapman
Starring: Darren Jones, Frank Kennedy, Jennifer Campbell, Helen McGill, Demian Stimson, Mike Leane, Eve Smith, Paul Tallant.

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The Winter’s Tale (2012, William Shakespeare)
Director(s): Andy Kerr, Margaret Marshment
Producer: Sonia Chapman
Starring: Demian Stimson, Claire Rogers, Natalie Dowdeswell, Mike Leane, Frank Kennedy, Faye Christianson, Anne Rock, Darren Jones, Sean Jhooty, Kevin Foott, Geraldine Moloney-Judge, Peter Harris, Dave Clayton, Lisa Perry, Sonia Chapman, Paul Tallant, James Gray, Stewart McDonald and Matt Davies
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Light Shining in Buckinghamshire (2012, Caryl Churchill)
Director: Frank Kennedy & Matt Wade
Producer: N/A
Starring: Sean Gaffney, Geraldine Moloney-Judge, James Gray, Peter Harris, Faye Christiansen, Robert Douglas Griffiths, Rachel Ashton, Frank Kennedy and Matt Davies
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Glengarry Glen Ross Glengarry Glen Ross (2012, David Mamet)
Director: Stewart McDonald
Producer: Sonia Chapman
Starring: Rob Rankin, Paul Arends, Darren Jones, Albert Hasting, Russell Carragher, Mike Sanders and Colin Rice.
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The Wedding of the Unwanted Souls (2011)
Emma Whitby
Producer: N/A
Starring: David Clayton, Geraldine Moloney-Judge, Frank Kennedy, Paul Corner, James Gray, Stewart McDonald, Glyn Andrew, Angela Millett, Dave Burley and Matt Davies.
Twelfth Night (2011, William Shakespeare)
Director(s): Andy Kerr and Lauren Steele
Producer: N/A
Starring: Dave Burley, Sean Gaffney, Robert Schofield, Laura Cox, Jonathon Roberts Darren Jones, Geraldine Moloney Judge, Mìke Leane, Demian Stìmson, Faye Christiansen, Frank Kennedy, Emma Whitby, Dave Clayton, Stewart McDonald, Joel Ross and Colin Rice.
Juno and the Paycock (2011, Sean O’Casey)
Director(s): Andy Kerr
Producer: N/A
Starring: Jonathan Roberts, Colin Rice, Darren Jones, Demian Stimson, Dave Burley,Lauren Steele, Geraldine Moloney-Judge, Kevin Foott, Glyn Andrew .
Far Away/The Gatekeeper’s True Religion (2011 – Double Bill, Caryl Churchill & Michael Pearcey)
Margaret Marshment/Kevin Foott
Starring: (Far Away) Roisin McAllister, Faye Christiansen, Mike Leane, Stella Melia, Mike Medlicott (Gatekeeper) Darren Jones, Kate Benfield, Jonathan Roberts
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Shadow of a Gunman (2010, Sean O’Casey)
Andy Kerr
Producer: Emma Whitby
Starring: Demian Stimson, Sean Gaffney, Glyn Derby, Kevin Foott, Gillian Paterson-Fox, Gillian Thompson, Mike Leane, Dave Burley, Eve Smith, Frank Kennedy and Colin Rice
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A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2010, William Shakespeare)
Frank Kennedy
Assistant Directors: Margaret Marshment, Helen Griffiths
Producer: N/A
Starring: Kevin Foott, Eve Smith, Frank Kennedy, Michael Medlicott, Keri White, Demian Stimson, Dave Clayton, Faye Christiansen, Darren Jones, Danny Blair, Mike Leane, Caitlin Clough, Kate Benfield, Phil Burke, Lauren Steele, Roisin McAlister, Andy Kerr, Stella Melia, Glyn Derby, Shuang Teng, Sean Jhooty, Roisin McAllister
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The Ruffian on the Stair / Party Time (2009, Joe Orton / Harold Pinter)
Stuart Marshall-Clarke/Margaret Marshment
Producer: N/A
Starring: (Ruffian)Robbie O’Neil,  Lisbeth Baron, Colin Rice (Party) Kevin Foott, Mike Leane, Gillian Paterson-Fox, Rebecca Clifford, Angela Millett, Eve Smith, Sean Gaffney, Frank Kennedy, Steven Henry, Marco Medina
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An Ideal Husband (2009, Oscar Wilde)
Andy Kerr
Producer: N/A
Starring: Joel Ross, Robbie O’Neil, Frank Kennedy, Sean Gaffney, Mike Leane, James Connolly, Angela Millett, Lauren Steele, Eve Smith, Faye Christiansen, Laura Mitchell, Yvonne Thompson
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Dick Whittington in the Capital of Culture (2008)Director: Matt Wade
Written By: Janet Ormrod
Producer: N/A
Starring: Frank Kennedy, Jenna Watkins, Mike Sanders, Faye Christiansen, Becky Clifford, Eve Smith, Margaret Marshment, Mike Leane, Brian Wharton
Mountain Language/The Jewish Wife (2008, Harold Pinter/Bertolt Brecht)
Margaret Marshment
(Mountain Language) Mike Sanders, Andy Kerr, Mike Medlicott, John Prosser, Jackie Connolly, Angela Millett and Joel Ross (Jewish Wife) Brigitta Bende, Mike Leane 
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Pygmalion (2008, George Bernard Shaw)
Director: Frank Kennedy
Starring: Andy Kerr, Joel Ross, Margaret Marshment, Mike Sanders, Faye Christiansen, Brigitta Bende, Becky Clifford, Eve Smith
Seagulls (2007, Carol Churchill)
Director: Andy Kerr & Margaret Marshment
Producer: N/A
The Importance of Being Earnest (2007, Oscar Wilde)
The Weir (2007, Conor McPherson)
Director:Andy Kerr
Starring:Angela Millett, Demian Stimson, Mike Leane, Lee Robinson and Frank Kennedy
Antigone (2006, Jean Anouilh)
 Lords and Ladies (2006, Irana Brown)
Poor Beast in the Rain (2006, Billy Roche, Liverpool Irish Festival)
Director: Andy Kerr
Starring: Frank Kennedy, Eve Smith, Demian Stimson, Faye Christiansen, Andrew Senneck, Mike Sanders.
The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui (2005, Berthold Brecht)
Summer Production – scenes from selected plays (2005)
A Drink With Patrick Kavanagh (2005, Liverpool Irish Festival)
The Birthday Party (2004, Harold Pinter)
The Rivals (2004, Sheridan)
Network Revue (2004)
A Doll’s House (2003, Ibsen)
Raiding Orchards (2003, Darren Guy)
Cat’s Paw (2003, William Mastrosimone)
 Woyzeck (2002, Georg Buechner)
Cool Britannia (2002, John Forde)
Twelfth Night (2002, William Shakespeare)
As You Like It (2001, William Shakespeare)
Saliva Milkshake (2000, Howard Brenton)
The Unveiling (2000, Vaclav Havel)


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