Julius Caesar Audition date announced

Our Summer Show starts here, looking for some great actors to play various roles in Shakespeare’s classic Julius Caesar. It is very likely that each actor will play two roles. Roles are unisex.. Men and women can play any role. A male Calpurnia or a female Cassius is perfectly fine. To prepare for the audition, we would like all candidates to learn the following lines. (You can still read from script, which will be handed out on the day)

“Thy master is a wise and valiant Roman;
I never thought him worse.
Tell him, so please him come unto this place,
He shall be satisfied; and, by my honour
Depart untouch’d”

It’s likely that we will do some Status group work and if we have time, we will fit in Crowd work and some improv

Really looking forward to seeing some quality performances and having some fun.

Thanks, see you on the 8th ???

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