Changes to Workshop prices and yearly membership update

Following our recent open meeting, it has been decided with regret to raise our Workshop fees to £3 waged and £1.50 unwaged with immediate effect. This is due to the fact that at the previous level the cost of hiring the room on Hope Street was proving a drain on our finances, a drain which will be significantly alleviated at the new price.

The good news is that we are also introducing a Membership scheme open to all. Becoming a General Member will entitle you to a £1 reduction on the entry price for all Network events, both productions and events such as quiz nights and the Christmas Revue. The cost of membership is set at £5, and will come with a membership card.

As anyone who has been in past productions will be aware, being cast in one of our plays means that you have to pay “subs” to make sure we are insured. This has now metamorphosed into becoming a Performing Member, which is essentially the same as being a General Member but with the added bonus of having been on the stage! The cost of becoming a Performing Member is now set at £15 waged and £7.50 unwaged. Again, this is something we’ve been very reluctant to do but which rising costs have forced upon us.

Both forms of membership will last for a year. If you would like to become a General Member contact us via However, there is no obligation to do so and it is worth stressing that Workshops remain open to all!

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