Casting call: In Camera (Huis Clos), Jean Paul Sartre

Thursday 14th September 7:00pm at
Hope Street Ltd, 76 Lord Street
Liverpool, L2 1TL

Imagine dying, knowing that you’ve committed a crime and expecting to go to Hell. But instead of finding a fiery furnace, instruments of torture and demons to torment you, you’re simply in an ordinary living room, with two other ordinary people. You’re all in the same boat, seemingly randomly thrown together to grapple with the consequences of your past. Or not, as the case may be. It gradually dawns on you that as much as you want the others to help you make sense of the situation, or comfort you, or provide distraction from your conscience, they won’t be able to. Not only that, but you are destined to grind each other’s gears, locked in the same room together with no sleep for all eternity. Who needs demons? ‘Hell is other people’

Network’s next production, directed by Andy Kerr, will revive Sartre’s classic of French existential theatre, and will provide opportunity for four actors to engage with the characters, themes and contemporary interpretation of a classic text. Cast members will be expected to cope well with direction and concentrated rehearsal process, and to be available for the whole rehearsal run from late September till performance in late November (exact dates to be confirmed) .The play will be performed in English translation from the original French.

Auditions will run from 7-9 and be conducted partly in a workshop environment in small groups as well as requiring some formal script reading which will be made available on the night. It is not necessary to prepare audition pieces, and latitude will be given in acknowledgement of the difficulties of sight reading. Potential cast members should therefore attend the whole session.


Joseph Garcin – His cowardice and callousness caused his young wife to die “of grief” after his execution. He is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and deserted during an unspecified military conflict. He was unfaithful to his wife – he even recalls, without any sympathy, bringing home another woman one night, and his wife bringing them their morning coffee after hearing their engagement all night.

Inès Serrano – Inès is the second character to enter the room. A lesbian postal clerk, she turned a wife against her husband, twisting the wife’s perception of her spouse and the subsequent murder of the man (who is Inès’ cousin).

Estelle Rigault – Estelle is a high-society woman, a blonde who married an older man for his money and had an affair with a younger man. To her, the affair is merely an insignificant fling, but her lover becomes emotionally attached to her and she bears him a child. She drowns the child by throwing it into the lake, which drives her lover to commit suicide.

Valet – The Valet enters the room with each character, but his only real dialogue is with Garcin. We learn little about him, except that his uncle is the head valet, and that he does not have any eyelids, which links to Garcin because Garcin’s eyelids are atrophied.

There is some flexibility in playing ages, with a suggestion that Ines and Garcin are somewhat older than Estelle, who might me in mid to late twenties.

PS It sounds grim, but there is plenty of gallows humour to spice up the moral philosophy, and the rehearsal process of group work with a small cast will be demanding, but fun as long as people can go with the flow.

See you there!

Sandra (posting on behalf of Andy)

Second audition session for “I Have Been Here Before” – Monday 20th Feb

Hi everyone,

We are holding another audition session for LNTG’s next Production: J.B. Priestley’s “I Have Been Here Before”, Directed by Sonia Chapman, and Produced by Andy Kerr.

Venue: Ma Boyle’s Alehouse & Eatery
Tower Building, The Strand, L3 1BH Liverpool

Time: 7-9pm

Auditions are open and require no prior preparation.

We have the following parts still to cast:

Sam Shipley:
Innkeeper and Father of Sally Pratt. Stout, warm, humorous, contented Yorkshireman in his 60s. His accent is broader than his daughter’s but not too broad.
Actor age can be flexible, so long as he can feasibly be Sally’s father. An age range of 40-70 yrs would work.

Oliver Farrant:
28-30yrs old, good looking and charming, with something of the boy left in him and something of the intellectual man. He has a decisive, slightly donnish manner, although not so much with people for whom he is on pleasant and easy terms (e.g. Sally & Sam). Schoolmaster of Lamberton School, but is currently off work, having been “ordered a short rest” (it is not entirely clear why he is off work). Farrant is staying at the Inn and feels at home there.
Actor age needs to be within 28-35yrs so that he is younger than Walter Ormund, and same age or slightly older than Janet Ormund.

Janet Ormund:
Attractive, sensitive woman about 28 yrs old, Wife of Walter Ormund. She is troubled as soon as she arrives at the Inn. There are also issues within her marriage which remain a mystery, but are clearly a source of stress for both Janet and Walter.
Actress age needs to be mid-20s to early 30s.

Walter Ormund:
Biggish man in his early 40s, whose manner alternates between alert, sharp command, on the one hand, and a gloomy brooding, on the other. There are problems in his marriage with Janet. He is a workaholic and drinks a lot.
Actor age to be in 40s.

About the Play:

‘I Have Been Here Before’ is a play in three acts, set in the sitting room of the Black Bull Inn, Grindle Moor, North Yorkshire at Whitsuntide in 1937. There are 6 characters, the Innkeeper: Sam Shipley, his daughter: Sally Pratt, a German Professor in Exile: Dr Görtler, a local school headmaster: Oliver Farrant, and a married couple: Janet & Walter Ormund. Aside from Sam and Sally, all the other characters are guests at the Inn.
The play is an existential brooding drama, centred around a theory that we repeat our lives constantly in a sort of spiral. We make the same decisions again and again, and can break out of the cycle once we realise and understand the forces that govern us.
Dr Görtler has come to the Black Bull in to intervene in what he knows will be a love affair leading to suicide and poverty.

Please RSVP on the Facebook event, or contact Sonia Chapman – PM or

Black Comedy/White Liars open auditions

Open auditions for the next Network production, a double bill of plays by Peter Shaffer, will take place on Wednesday 26th October between 6 and 9pm at our workshop venue, Hope St Ltd on Lord Street (entrance between McDonalds and Specsavers, ring bell for 3rd floor), with rehearsals throughout December and January.


Black Comedy: This hilarious farce plays on light and dark: when the lights are ‘on’ the stage is pitch black, but after a few minutes there is a power cut, the stage lights come on and the audience can see the actors.

Brindlsey Miller is an unsuccessful artist whose big chance has finally come, with a visit from eccentric millionaire art collector, Georg Bamberger. There are just a few problems to overcome: being engaged to Carol without having properly ended things with previous girlfriend Clea, the first meeting with Carol’s terrifying military father and having ‘borrowed’ his possessive neigbour Harold’s furniture to spruce up his flat. And then the lights go out.
Brindsley Miller: a young sculptor, intelligent and attractive, but nervous and uncertain of himself. 20s-30s
Carol Melkett: Brindsley’s fiancee. A young debutante; very pretty, very spoilt, very silly. 20s-30s
Miss Furnival: a middle-aged lady. Prissy and refined. The archetypal middle-class spinster… until alcohol undoes her. 30s-50s
Colonel Melkett: Carol’s commanding father. Brisk, barky, yet given to sudden vocal calms which suggest a deep and alarming instability. 40s-50s
Harold Gorringe: the bachelor owner of an antiques shop and Brindsley’s neighbour, Harold comes from the North of England. Possessive and an expert in emotional blackmail, with a tendency to become hysterical. 30s-60s
Schuppanzigh: a cheery and cultivated German refugee. Delighted with his life and job at the London Electricity Board. 30s+
Clea: Brindsley’s ex-girlfriend. Mid-twenties, dazzling, emotional, bright and mischievous. 20s-30s
Bamberger: an elderly millionaire art collector. Also German. A walk-on part (but potentially a scene stealer!). 30s+

White Liars: Sophie, Baroness Lemberg, is a disillusioned fortune teller in an out-of-season resort. She is visited by Tom, the lead singer in a rock band, and his business manager, Frank. It soon becomes clear that Frank has an ulterior motive in the visit, but as Sophie looks into her crystal ball it becomes clear that life really is stranger than fiction and all three have something to hide.
Sophie, Baroness Lemberg: an Austrian fortune teller who has fallen on hard times at an out-of-season English resort. A classy and educated lady who feels her best days may all be behind her.
Frank: young manager of The White Liars, a rock band. Frank is nervous and unsure of himself and has an urgent favour to ask of Sophie.
Tom: the lead singer in The White Liars, Tom is fascinating and attractive, but highly superstitious and ready to believe in fortune telling in general. A Yorkshire accent would help here.

Please note that we are a community theatre group and these are unpaid roles. If you’d like to audition for either or both plays, please email indicating which roles you would like to audition for and if you have a preference in terms of timing. We will sort out a few different time slots and confirm nearer the date.

Humble Boy auditions

Hello all,

Humble Boy is Liverpool Network Theatre’s upcoming autumn production, and will take place from 17 – 19 November at the Black-E.

We are intending to hold auditions on Wednesday 24th August – (update:) upstairs at the Pilgrim pub on Pilgrim Street from 6.30pm onwards.

Lack of experience is no handicap – if you’re interested, bring your enthusiasm and you’ll have a great time 🙂

[Cast breakdown]
– Felix Humble – A mid-30s theoretical astrophysicist from Cambridge. He is the play’s main character and most noticeable is his stutter caused by his nervousness.
– Flora Humble – Beautiful and self-centered, Flora is the mother of Felix
– George Pye – Confident, well-built, modern, and big band music savvy. George is the complete opposite of James Humble, the deceased father of Felix.
– Rosie Pye – Daughter of George and former girlfriend of Felix. She is a nurse and also has a 7 year old daughter
– Jim – The gardener of the estate, he is an old man in his 60s.
– Mercy Lott – Friend (although seemingly a slave) of Flora, she is kind but doesn’t seem to be all there. She has a secret crush on George Pye.

See you at the audition!

Open Audition Call: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Hosted by Elaine Stewart & Uma Ramanathan
Date: Monday 11th January 2016
6pm- 7:30pm & 7:30- 9pm
Venue: Hope Street Ltd, 76-78 Lord Street, 3rd floor

Liverpool Network will present The Picture of Dorian Gray, adapted by Neil Bartlett and directed by Elaine Stewart on 7th, 8th and 9th April 2016 at the Lantern Theatre.
No preparation is necessary but knowledge of the novel would be an advantage. The audition will involve readings of a provided script and some group work.
The play has a number of large roles and some smaller roles which double up as part of the Chorus (an integral part of the production). A list of characters is shown below:

Large Roles

*Dorian Gray (Age 20-25)- Main character. The play revolves around a secret pact which leads to the destruction of his soul.
*Lord Henry Wotton (Age 45-60 yrs)- A mentor to Dorian. He is charming and charismatic. He corrupts Dorian.
*Basil Hallwood (20-30 yrs) – The painter of the portrait. A friend to Dorian who is secretly in love with him.
*Sybil Vane/ Lady Monmouth (20-30 yrs) – Double role. Sybil is a young actress who falls in love with Dorian and eventually commits suicide because of him. Lady Monmouth is a young American socialite who is Dorian’s love interest in the latter half of the play.
*Mrs Leaf/Mrs Vane (40+ yrs) – Double role.Mrs Leaf is Dorian’s housekeeper. Mrs Vane is Sybils Mother
*Francis (40+ yrs)- Dorian’s Butler.

Medium Roles
*James Vane – Sybil’s older, protective brother.
*Victor/Alan Campbell (20-30 yrs)- Double role. Victor is Dorian’s French Valet. Alan Campbell is an old friend who helps cover up a crime for Dorian.
*Lady Wotton (40+ yrs) – Lord Henry’s younger, bored, unhappy wife.

Smaller Roles
Lady Carlisle
Lady Narborough
Mrs Erlynne

Please note: Ages quoted are a guide only.
Can you confirm your attendance, audition slot preferred e.g. 6pm – 7:30pm or 7:30pm – 9pm and the role(s) you are interested in by contacting Elaine Stewart by email at or by private message on Facebook asap so that we can plan auditions.

We are also looking for people who are interested in stage managing, set design, costume and props and marketing and publicity.
We look forward to seeing you at auditions.

Casting Call for Dracula

Dear All,
Open Audition Call: Dracula
Liverpool Network Theatre Group
Hosted by Elaine Stewart, Sonia Chapman and Faye Christiansen
Monday 20th October 7pm-9pm and Thursday 23rd October 7pm-9pm.
Venue:Performers (TBC)
Can you confirm which audition date you will be attending by contacting Sonia Chapman by email at or by private message on facebook asap so that we can plan auditions.
Liverpool Network Theatre Group will present ‘Dracula’ on 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st March 2015 at the Lantern Theatre.
Adapted for the stage by Faye Christiansen and directed by Elaine Stewart.
No preparation is needed but knowledge of the novel would be an advantage.
The audition will involve some group reading of a provided script which will be given to you on arrival.
Dracula has a number of large roles and some smaller roles which can be doubled up for cast members. A list of characters is shown below:
Larger Roles:
Dracula (Age 20-40)- A centuries-old vampire and Transylvanian nobleman. Aristocratic , charming and charismatic. He possesses an evil soul.
Van Helsing– (Age 40-60)- A professor, philosopher and metaphysician. He is calm, intelligent and knowledgeable about vampire folklore. He is Dracula’s nemesis.
Jonathan Harker– (Age 20-30)- A solicitor who travels to Transylvania to conclude a land transaction with Dracula. He is naïve, sweet and kind. He returns a changed and weakened man.
Mina Murray– (Age 18-25)- Jonathan’s fiancée. She is practical, intelligent and the heroine of the play.
Lucy Westenra– (Age 18-25)- Mina’s best friend. She is attractive, vivacious and desirable whilst displaying a sense of innocence too.
Dr Jack Seward (Age 25-35)- A talented physician and former student of Van Helsing. He runs the local Asylum and is one of Lucy’s suitors. Intelligent but socially awkward with the opposite sex.
Medium Roles
Lord Arthur Holmwood– (Age 20-30)- Lucy’s fiancée. A loving and kind man.
Quincy Morris– (Age 20-30)- A plain-spoken American and another of Lucy’s suitors. He is brave and fearless.
Renfield (Age 25- 40)- A patient at the asylum. His behaviour is influenced by Dracula. A highly physical role.
Captain of the Demeter (Age 40-60)
Smaller Roles
Inn-Keeper (Age 40-50)
Inkeepers Daughter (Age 18-25)
Estelle (Lucy’s Maid)
Three Sirens
Please note, ages quoted are a guide only.
We look forward to seeing you at the auditions.

Much Ado auditions and performance now happening

Dear Networkians,
We are delighted to announce that Much Ado About Nothing will now being going ahead as our summer production.
Auditions with take place on Friday May 9th from 6:30pm to 9pm.
The auditions will be held at Performers, Vernon Street, just off Dale Street in Liverpool. Please note, the audition will last around two hours and you will need to be available for the whole time.
Auditions will take the form of monologue and duologue reading. Some knowledge of the play would be advantageous but is not essential.
Those auditioning will need to be available Mondays and Thursdays for rehearsals each week. The final performance will take place in July. Full dates will be available at audition.

Auditions for Jefferson’sTale

Dearest Networkians!!!
Liverpool Network Theatre Group will present Jefferson’s Tale on 5th, 6th and 7th June 2014 in the Lantern Theatre:

Written by Paul Tallant and Directed by Andy Kerr, this piece of new writing is a philosophical and comic science fiction. The story revolves around one character’s quest to retrieve his lost love, via the ability to journey outside of time, and a battle against forces of chaos and order.

Auditions will be held on Wednesday 12th March: 6:00-8:00pm and on Sunday 16th March: 6:00-8:00pm. No preparation is necessary, and the audition will form a workshop style, with some group reading and others reading individually.

Please contact Sonia Chapman via to confirm attendance, and to find out the address.
Jefferson’s Tale has a few large parts and several smaller ones – smaller ones can be doubled-up for cast members. A list of the Main characters is below with an indication of gender, age and size of part:
  • Jon Johnstones-Jailer (Jay): Male, 20s, Lead Role
  • Rosin: Female, 20s, medium part
  • Time Loser: Female, aged 20-40, Large part
  • Time Keeper: Male, any age, medium part, must have commanding presence, sinister, cold, cruel
  • Grim Reaper: Male, aged 30+ (indication), small part, miserable, dark humour
  • Kitty: Female, 40+ (but could be played by younger female aged up), sassy
  • Jefferson: Male / Female, any age (ageless, in fact), medium part, eccentric
  • Controller: Male / Female, 25+, small part, darkly charismatic, arrogant but flawed
There are also various other small parts, dancers and musicians required!
Many thanks and hope to see you there! 🙂

Seeking Mercy Lewis for The Crucible

Hello all you lovely Networkians out there.

The Crucible is almost cast, however, we are still seeking someone to play the teenager Mercy Lewis. Mercy is an essential part of the group of girls living in Salem and this is a great role for any newcomers, so please don’t be shy.

Do feel free to spread the word to anyone who you may think is interested. We need someone in place ASAP. Please contact: