Casting Call for Dracula

Dear All,
Open Audition Call: Dracula
Liverpool Network Theatre Group
Hosted by Elaine Stewart, Sonia Chapman and Faye Christiansen
Monday 20th October 7pm-9pm and Thursday 23rd October 7pm-9pm.
Venue:Performers (TBC)
Can you confirm which audition date you will be attending by contacting Sonia Chapman by email at or by private message on facebook asap so that we can plan auditions.
Liverpool Network Theatre Group will present ‘Dracula’ on 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st March 2015 at the Lantern Theatre.
Adapted for the stage by Faye Christiansen and directed by Elaine Stewart.
No preparation is needed but knowledge of the novel would be an advantage.
The audition will involve some group reading of a provided script which will be given to you on arrival.
Dracula has a number of large roles and some smaller roles which can be doubled up for cast members. A list of characters is shown below:
Larger Roles:
Dracula (Age 20-40)- A centuries-old vampire and Transylvanian nobleman. Aristocratic , charming and charismatic. He possesses an evil soul.
Van Helsing– (Age 40-60)- A professor, philosopher and metaphysician. He is calm, intelligent and knowledgeable about vampire folklore. He is Dracula’s nemesis.
Jonathan Harker– (Age 20-30)- A solicitor who travels to Transylvania to conclude a land transaction with Dracula. He is naïve, sweet and kind. He returns a changed and weakened man.
Mina Murray– (Age 18-25)- Jonathan’s fiancée. She is practical, intelligent and the heroine of the play.
Lucy Westenra– (Age 18-25)- Mina’s best friend. She is attractive, vivacious and desirable whilst displaying a sense of innocence too.
Dr Jack Seward (Age 25-35)- A talented physician and former student of Van Helsing. He runs the local Asylum and is one of Lucy’s suitors. Intelligent but socially awkward with the opposite sex.
Medium Roles
Lord Arthur Holmwood– (Age 20-30)- Lucy’s fiancée. A loving and kind man.
Quincy Morris– (Age 20-30)- A plain-spoken American and another of Lucy’s suitors. He is brave and fearless.
Renfield (Age 25- 40)- A patient at the asylum. His behaviour is influenced by Dracula. A highly physical role.
Captain of the Demeter (Age 40-60)
Smaller Roles
Inn-Keeper (Age 40-50)
Inkeepers Daughter (Age 18-25)
Estelle (Lucy’s Maid)
Three Sirens
Please note, ages quoted are a guide only.
We look forward to seeing you at the auditions.

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  1. Hi there, I’m a 49 year old male that would love to be given a chance for any roles that are applicable to my age and gender. Thank you.

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