Call out for suggestions for the summer play

If you’re already missing the summer and Network’s outdoor japes in parks, lovely houses and libraries, why not help us pick our summer play for 2015?  What we’re looking for is a comedy that will pull in the crowds and give the cast the chance to sweat it out (or get very wet) in fabulous period costumes.  If you have a favourite play by Shakespeare or his contemporaries, right up to Oscar Wilde and just nudging the 20th century, we’d like to know and if you like a play that we’ve already performed, don’t despair; we’re happy to consider repeats if they were a few years ago.  Keep in mind, though, that we are helpless thespians and want to wear corsets.  And that’s just the men…  You’ve got until the Christmas break to come up with ideas so feel free to chat with any of the committee members if you’ve any questions, and we’d love to hear from prospective directors too.   Looking forward to hearing your exciting ideas!


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